I strongly recommend him …

A letter of “recommendation” by Senju Hiroshi, painter

Tsuchida Yasuhiko is not just a skilled and original glass artist, who has been creating his productions on the famous Venetian island of Murano for many years; he is also a rare and precious friend to me: this is the reason, though not the only one, that I sincerely wish him great success.
It was a very long time ago that he left for Europe; however I think that very few others can be said to be as profoundly Japanese as he. A merit that does not depend simply on the fact of his being Japanese by birth and by culture, but also and especially because he is intimately so, not to mention his personal and quintessential charisma as a man, which routinely colors his everyday life.
Tsuchida Yasuhiko is sincere, polite, naïve and passionate: but he also has great talent and vast experience, which allows him to present his rich and arcane esthetic sense to the world, giving it form and artistic expression through the use of the particular techniques and beauty of Murano glass.
His works capture the interest of the public all over the world, overcoming racial differences and national borders, and are unanimously acclaimed. Because he and his works always glow with the honesty that man must manifest, beyond the borders of Japan and of Italy.
His works will become the spiritual support of those who live in the XXI century: of this I am certain.

Senju Hiroshi, painter