“Flower of May”

I would like to express my deepest sympathies to those who died during this great disaster.
One of my friends is a medical doctor of Tohoku University.
I heard that he is protecting the lives of people and eating dried bread within a temporary camp.
I recall one canto a poet once wrote.
“Making others happy is like sprinkling perfume. When you sprinkle it, a few drops also fall on you”
These are such beautiful interpretations.
But right now I try to imagine about him in the temporary camp, specifically and in three dimensions, and it is certain that few drops are sprinkled on his freezing chin.
But it is blood.
In addition, heatless spring snow is showering down continuously on his shoulders.
It is reality.
I am proud of him.
At some point the situation will calm down
I want to brew hot tea for him.
If he doesn’t want to talk about anything,
Let us indulge ourselves in silence
Sometime you could see something in darkness, which you cannot see in light.
And I am proud of him.
But in these situations I don’t want to be deflated by hypocrites.
So I don’t care if they said I am imprudent.
I am now thinking;
Our countrymen’s’ lives died without fulfilling their ambition,
Friend’s lives engulfing in darkness,
I want to illuminate them by our full lives which survived fortunately.
Chilly wind in March,
Cold rain in April,
If they make flowers bloom in May,
We Japanese must keep walking some more.
Even if the path is steep.
We will rise dramatically again like a phoenix.
You don’t hear the end if you don’t give up.
Let’s live each destiny with hope.
I’ll work hard.
Please do your best.

Feeling proud of him who is shaken still by aftershocks tonight.


Always with my whole heart

Tsuchida Yasuhiko

At Venice on March, 2011 3 16