“At a pier around dawn”

Freshening wind blows at a pier around dawn.
Sharp-cut morning or hidden behind a cloud,
Always wind is new.
But even in summer, the wind is cold.
And after a time, sun flows and hazes to canal,
This beauty, it beats me.
Beats me completely.
Anyhow, art is beaten.
When massive beautiful thing surrounds, how can human move?
Nothing to think
Nothing to wish
Nothing to want

And I take a water bus.
Heading to Murano Island.
There is my studio. No, workplace there.
Means I am a worker who takes a water bus every day.
I am one of workers.
And in the evening, let a water-bus bring my tired body,
Who return back to the pier again,
And just one of workers is me.

Tsuchida Yasuhiko